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    Category:LED COB par light

  • Release time:2021-12-4 11:14:16

  • Price:380.00

  • Name: COB warm par  light
    Voltage: AC110V/220V50HZ/60HZ
    Light source: 4*50W 
    Color : pure white, warm white
    Color tempreture : 3200K-5600K
    Net weight: 3.5KG
    Size: 220*230*320MM
    Strobe: 1-10 times/S
    Mode: Automatic,Sound Active ,master-slave,DMX512
    Power: 200W
    Channels: 8 DMX channels
    Protection level: IP20, natural fan cooling
    Beam angle: 12 degrees
    Menu display: LED digital display
    Chassis material: cast aluminum alloy Working 
    Lamp holder rotation: manual rotation to control the light-emitting angle
     suitable for video shooting
    Suitable environment: weddings, Events, bars, stage performances, mobile performances, etc.


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  • 4 eyes warm par light COB warm light warm white 2in 1 audience light LED par light wedding stage par light


    Name: COB warm par  light
    Voltage: AC110V/220V50HZ/60HZ
    Light source: 4*50W 
    Color : pure white, warm white
    Color tempreture : 3200K-5600K
    Net weight: 3.5KG
    Size: 220*230*320MM
    Strobe: 1-10 times/S
    Mode: Automatic,Sound Active ,master-slave,DMX512
    Power: 200W
    Channels: 8 DMX channels
    Protection level: IP20, natural fan cooling
    Beam angle: 12 degrees
    Menu display: LED digital display
    Chassis material: cast aluminum alloy Working 
    Lamp holder rotation: manual rotation to control the light-emitting angle
     suitable for video shooting
    Suitable environment: weddings, Events, bars, stage performances, mobile performances, etc.

    4 eyes warm par light


    4 eyes warm par light


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