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    Category:LED Par light Series

  • Release time:2024-5-21 10:17:26

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  • ◆ Technical parameters
    Input voltage: AC100V-250V/50-60HZ
    Power: 54W
    Light Source: 3 *18W High Brightness LED Beads (6 in 1)
    Color: 16.7 million color changes
    Waterproof grade: IP22
    Life of light source: 50000 hours
    Lens angle: 15  40
    Control: DMX512, master-slave control, self-walking, 2.4G wireless DMX512
    Infrared remote control, WiFi mobile phone APP control (Apple and Android supported)
    Battery: imported 18650 lithium battery *6 3 strings 2 and 2*2400=4800 capacity
    Charging and discharging can reach more than 500 times
    Charging time: full charge in 5 hours
    Discharge time: RGBWAUV is fully bright for 4 hours and monochromatic for up to 19 hours.
    Self-propelled mode 15.5 hours
    Channel mode: 6CH/10CH
    ◆ Features
    ○ All aluminum fuselage radiates heat.
    ○ Adjustable base
    ○ Mute
    ○ LCD screen (can display electricity)
    ○ Charging mode of teapot base (safety and no leakage)
    ○ Laser marking (customizable pattern, LOGO)
    ○ UHF (64KHZ) dimming technology, no jitter flicker


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  • 3pcs aluminum case battery lights


    ◆ Technical parameters
    Input voltage: AC100V-250V/50-60HZ
    Power: 54W
    Light Source: 3 *18W High Brightness LED Beads (6 in 1)
    Color: 16.7 million color changes
    Waterproof grade: IP22
    Life of light source: 50000 hours
    Lens angle: 15  40
    Control: DMX512, master-slave control, self-walking, 2.4G wireless DMX512
    Infrared remote control, WiFi mobile phone APP control (Apple and Android supported)
    Battery: imported 18650 lithium battery *6 3 strings 2 and 2*2400=4800 capacity
    Charging and discharging can reach more than 500 times
    Charging time: full charge in 5 hours
    Discharge time: RGBWAUV is fully bright for 4 hours and monochromatic for up to 19 hours.
    Self-propelled mode 15.5 hours
    Channel mode: 6CH/10CH
    ◆ Features
    ○ All aluminum fuselage radiates heat.
    ○ Adjustable base
    ○ Mute
    ○ LCD screen (can display electricity)
    ○ Charging mode of teapot base (safety and no leakage)
    ○ Laser marking (customizable pattern, LOGO)
    ○ UHF (64KHZ) dimming technology, no jitter flicker

    3pcs battery light



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