• 400w LED moving Head Light未推广
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    Category:LED moving head beam series

  • Release time:2024-6-14 10:19:42

  • Price:4600.00

  • Voltage: AC100-240V,50/60Hz
    Power: 600W
    Light source: high-power 480W white light LED light source
    Optical angle: 7°-42°
    Color temperature: 8500K
    LED life: more than 20,000 hours
    6 colors + white, color flow, color rainbow can be realized
    1 rotating gobo plate with 7 gobos + white light
    It can realize the effects of rotation, two-way flow, and jitter Gobo wheel can be positioned
    1 fixed pattern plate with 8 fixed patterns + white light
    Aperture: 5%-100% smooth adjustment
    Dimming: electronic 0-100% linear dimming
    Atomization: electronic0-100%linear atomization soft light effect Zoom: 7° -42° focus linear zoom
    Fast stroboscopic, multiple stroboscopic mode selection, synchronization, equal split, pulse, random
    Prism: 1 4-sided prism, which can be rotated independently in both directions
    Level 540°, accuracy 2.11° /step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.008° Vertical 240°, accuracy 1.05° /step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.004° Control channel: 21 DMX channels
    Menu display: 2.8-inch LCD touch screen + buttons, Chinese and English languages can be switched at will, fonts can be automatically displayed in reverse 180 degrees
    XY axis three-phase motor drive
    RDM data two-way transmission
    N.W: 25kg G.W: 28kg
    Product size: 415X 281 x 715mm
    Packing size: 780 X 360 x510mm


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  • 400w LED  moving Head Light






    Light source:

    high-power 480W white light LED light source

    Optical angle:


    Color temperature:


    LED life:

    more than 20,000 hours

    6 colors + white, color flow, color rainbow can be realized

    1 rotating gobo plate with 7 gobos + white light

    It can realize the effects of rotation, two-way flow, and jitter Gobo wheel can be positioned

    1 fixed pattern plate with 8 fixed patterns + white light


    5%-100% smooth adjustmentDimming: electronic 0-100% linear dimming


     electronic0-100%linear atomization soft light effect Zoom: 7° -42° focus linear zoomFast stroboscopic, multiple stroboscopic mode selection, synchronization, equal split, pulse, random


    1 4-sided prism, which can be rotated independently in both directions

    Level 540°, accuracy 2.11° /step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.008° Vertical 240°, accuracy 1.05° /step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.004°

    Control channel:

    21 DMX channels

    Menu display:

    2.8-inch LCD touch screen + buttons, Chinese and English languages can be switched at will, fonts can be automatically displayed in reverse 180 degrees

    XY axis three-phase motor drive

    RDM data two-way transmission





    Product size:

    415X 281 x 715mm

    Packing size:

     780 X 360 x510mm

    主图400w LED 三合一摇头灯主图主图


    1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
    A: We are a factory.

    2. Q: Where is your factory located? How can i visit there?
    A: Our factory is located in Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province, China. About 30 minutes away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us!

    3. Q: What's your certificates?
    A: EMC,SGS,ROHS, and CE certificates passed.

    4. Q: Can you help me to print our logo or company name on the products on package?
    A: Of course. Your logo can be printed on the products or package. OEM&ODM permits.

    5. Q: What's the shipping way, shipping time?
    A: There ways of shipping, you can choose which is suitable for you.
    (1). By Sea, 30 days, apply for bulk quality;
    (2). By Air, 5-7 days, apply for bulk quanlity;
    (3). By Express, 3-5 days, apply for small quanlity and urgent order.

    6. Q: What's the payment terms?
    A:T/T, Alibaba,Western Union or Paypal.

    7. Q: How can i order?
    A: Please send us your purchase list by e-mail, skype, fax, or making a call and you can also ask us to send you PI for your
    approval. We need to know tthe following information for your order.

    8. Q: If the products broken during the warranty, what shuold i do?
    A: If there is a problem with the products, you describe it and send pictures or video to us to analyse, then we will guide you how to fix it and provide spare parts on free if needed.



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